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- Jamin Cha
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Korea Bamboo Salt Co.

Bio-medicine and health foods

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KOBAS and family are pleased to show our professional range of bamboo salt products.

Our natural bamboo salt products were found by Il-Hoon Kim (1909-1992) who was a Korean scholar and a master in medicine who treated patients without any return. In his book called Divine Medicine (1986), he introduced numerous natural resources of medicines, especially bamboo salt at the center of his health secrets. 

KOBAS is owned and operated by Il-Hoon Kim’s family members and faithful employees who believe in Il-Hoon Kim’s theory of naturopathic medicine. We are committed to fulfill his dream by producing the best quality bamboo salt at the lowest price at the market. Should you require further information on our products or services, please send us an email. We will reply to any of your inquiries as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely, Jeonghoon Jo

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